How Jody Farina Works With Light Language

How Jody Farina Works With Light Language

Light Language spontaneously channeled through me while I was working with clients. With my inner eye, I saw a blueprint of symbols lying across my clients’ body. I started drawing the codes out with my hands knowing we were activating dormant energy. As I continued working with Light Language I began to speak it, sing it, write it in the air and draw it on paper. 

When I speak and write the codes it is an instruction to ones light body. These instructions reactivate or download into the clients light grid regenerating ones emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. The blueprint is a map for me to see where these light codes need to be activated, and I script them out above the clients physical body or on paper. When I use my voice the messages are a transmission to ones soul through sound. These interdimensional light codes send out beneficial high frequencies to all that hear or view them.

In a sacred space, I listen to ones soul and tap into their energetic light grid while working in a high vibration.  I allow messages, codes, sacred geometry, light language and any modality needed to come forth for each client. All clients are different, for our souls are all unique; therefore each session is unlike any other healing. There are no protocols, I simply allow myself to be a conduit allowing the energy, information and messages to come forth.

Many clients communicate back the changes they have noticed through receiving a Light Language Activation session which include: feeling more enlightened; empowered; lighter; clearer; more connected within; and an understanding of who they truly are. One may also feel a shift that has taken place or notice a change in their behavior. Light Language works on a soul level and brings to light what each client needs and desires.

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