Margaret Stoklosa

Margaret Stoklosa

|CTNC|Digestive Health Coach|Reiki Practitioner

Margaret is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (i.e. Health Coach), a graduate of Andrea Nakayama’s Digestive Intensive and a Reiki Practitioner who loves talking about the digestive system (it is, after all, the hub of our body). She believes that deep down we all know best what can help us heal, but sometimes we need a little encouragement and education to activate this knowledge.

Her approach encourages shedding old belief systems (spirit), figuring out the best approach for nourishment for YOUR body (it is not a one-size fits all), and implementing daily, sustainable practices (mind) that allow for long-term healing and living.

On the forefront of her approach is a digestive assessment (how well do you know yourself?) considering all external factors. Sadly, if we are not assimilating our food, we are letting it just pass down a long tube. And due to the body’s complexity (yet simplicity at the same time), many non-mechanical factors come into play. We will be delving into how to tap into your inner healer and use your intuition and perception to know when it’s time to kick up your digestive fire!

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